frequently asked questions

This is what I get asked the most!

What is this…?

You have a piece of jewellery, and you’re not sure what it is? By all means, send me a picture and I’ll be happy to have a look! Please note that I will gladly have a quick look at 1 or 2 items for you: if you have more items to be identified, or need a complete identification such as described here, contact me for a consultancy quotation.

Do you appraise jewellery?

I am not a certified appraiser and work with the historical background of jewellery only. I can not help you in appraising your jewellery for insurance purposes. I can help you with complete descriptions and identifications.

Can I buy the jewellery on this website?

Sadly, no. I do not sell jewellery, but if you’re interested in this type of jewellery you are very welcome to enjoy one of my books or online courses!