frequently asked questions

This is what I get asked the most!

What is this…?

You have a piece of jewellery, and you’re not sure what it is? I’ll be happy to have a look if I can! Please note that I am currently offering 4 free consultations per month. That is because even ‘having a quick look’ takes time – looking up parallels and references, and finding a proper identification of your piece may be not be straightforward. My free consultations are for 1 or 2 pieces only. If you have more items to be identified, or need a complete identification such as described here, contact me for a consultancy quotation.

Do you appraise jewellery?

I am not a certified appraiser and work with the historical background of jewellery only. I can not help you in appraising your jewellery for insurance purposes. I can help you with complete descriptions and identifications.

Can I buy the jewellery on this website?

Sadly, no. I do not sell jewellery, but if you’re interested in this type of jewellery you are very welcome to enjoy one of my books or online courses!

Why is your consultancy named Bedouin Silver? Don’t you know not all people in the region are Bedouin…?

Of course I do. There are two main reasons why I have chosen this name. The first one is personal: the first jewellery I came across was indeed Bedouin. It is what got me interested in jewellery and from there, I have expanded my studies. Second however is a more practical reason: ‘bedouin silver’ is one of the most used search terms online. This is what many people type in their search bar when looking for more information on jewellery. It is my hope that they stumble across this website, too, and from there start learning more about the many cultures in North Africa and Southwest Asia through jewellery!