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There is so much I’d love to share with you! Not everything fits in an online article, so I have written a series of free e-books to share more context of jewellery, and of course to help you on your way in readying your own collection for its future. I will continue to add to the series here, so check back every now and then…and do let me know if there’s a particular topic you could use some background on!

A sparkling new year

2022 Calendar

12 months filled with jewellery and stunning landscapes: your 2022 calendar is here! Enjoy this jewellery journey and add a little sparkle to your year!

A kind of magic

6 principles of amulets

Jewellery often doubles as amulet. As it is worn so close to the body, it is extremely suitable to form a magical ‘barrier’, attracting good luck and dispelling evil. But how does that work? Discover the 6 main ways in which jewellery works its charm in this e-book!

Organize your future

Collection Game Plan

I have created a free workbook for you to help you get started in organizing your collection. This step-by-step guide is based on my experience working for museums as well as on museum standards. This book has been downloaded over 150 times: I hope it will get you on your way as well!


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