Ancient Egyptian Jewellery

jewels of the nile
jewels of the nile

Ancient Egyptian Jewellery

The ancient Egyptians created some of the most breathtaking jewellery. It is still famous: you will have seen the ankh, the sign of life, or the Eye of Horus in modern jewellery creations. Are you fascinated by ancient Egyptian jewellery history? Then let me tell you more!

This online course on ancient Egyptian jewellery brings you the gold of the pharaohs and queens, military personnel, priests and priestesses, dancers and divine beings.  But it’s not all gold and splendour: you will see how simple beads hold great power and look at jewellery of ordinary Egyptian people. You will also see the lesser known pieces from the tomb of Tutankhamun, that are rarely if ever featured elsewhere. Enjoy this colourful view on adornment along the Nile!

jewels of Egypt

See what’s in store for you!

What does this course on the jewels of Egypt bring you, and what does it look like? Get a quick preview in this video! The screen can be enlarged with the button on the far right in the viewer.

ancient egyptian jewelry

What will I learn?

You will get an understanding of the many ways personal appearance mattered to the ancient Egyptians. What was jewellery used for in ancient Egypt? What did ancient Egyptian tattoos symbolize? How does adornment function in ritual and dance? What hairstyles did the ancient Egyptians wear? You will see many examples of jewellery, dress, hairstyles and other forms of personal adornment throughout Egypt’s rich history – with an explanation of what all of this means. Special attention is given to the time of Tutankhamun and his family,  including objects of personal adornment that are rarely shown.

You will learn to read and appreciate the meaning of ancient Egyptian jewellery! All this will come to you in 8 videos, together totaling 3,5 hours of beautiful visuals.

This is 100% a dazzling introduction of personal adornment in ancient Egypt. I have been wanting a course like this for such a long time! I am amazed how much you discuss in these talks: I had never really considered the relation between jewellery, dress, adornment, tattoos, dance and even architecture before.  It makes me look at ancient Egyptian jewellery in museums with new eyes. Thank you for these lovely talks, the format you have developed is brilliant – and I must say your presentations are absolutely breathtaking! Keep up the good work!


Dance instructor and Egyptophile

about me

Your instructor

All classes are researched, prepared and taught by Sigrid van Roode. I am an Egyptologist and jewellery historian, and have been presenting classes, courses, workshops and jewellery talks for over 25 years now. I am the author of several books on jewellery, both ancient and traditional. My goal is to present academic level research in an accessible, fun and easy to follow style. I believe jewellery is not just adornment, but an important historic source that tells us so much about the lives of people – and I’ll be showing you in how many ways that works!

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E-book package

With this prerecorded lecture series, you will receive 8 full-colour e-books. These contain not only the course material, but also present you with book recommendations, online reading material and additional images. The e-books are yours to download and keep: your own Egyptological library!

Online community

You will have access to our private online community on Facebook. Here, you will be able to get any questions answered and enjoy the world of jewellery with other course participants from around the globe – with as many angles, comparisons and personal stories to share!

This class is definitely for you when:

  • you love everything ancient Egyptian;
  • you love historic jewellery and an overview of ancient Egyptian adornment has been on your ‘most wanted’-list for some time;
  • you are curious to see the meaning behind jewellery, dress and body aesthetic in ancient Egypt;
  • you want to deepen your understanding of dance, tattoos, jewellery and personal presentation by learning about these same fields in the past;
  • you are fascinated by the life of Tutankhamun and would love to understand his jewellery in the context of his time and his culture.