Ancient Jewellery



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In this class, we'll trace how jewellery came to look as it does today. Where do certain designs come from? How did Chinese influences end up in the Mediterranean? What is the connection between art of the Migration Period in Europe and silver ethnic jewellery from North Africa? This is a journey through time, spanning millennia and three continents. You will see stunning archaeological discoveries and learn what jewellery tells us as a historic source.

You will gain understanding and appreciation for the huge timedepth reflected in traditional jewellery from North Africa and Southwest Asia, hear more about the many peoples living and traveling in the region, see how techniques and decoration schemes spread and above all, enjoy many fabulous pieces of jewellery along the way!

'I am enthralled with your History of Jewellery course. When does the second one start?? They are excellent, fun, clear and informative. Thanks for sharing them on line!'